Mensa table collection by Lazerian

London Design Festival 09: Manchester design studio Lazerian have created a collection of tables consisting of modular, birch plywood components supporting glass tops.

The thin pieces of plywood are cut out using a router controlled by a computer, and joined using bolts and wing-nuts.

Mensa Collection by Studio Lazerian 222

The tables build on a structure developed for the studio's earlier Light Modulator project (see our previous story).

Lazerian will launch the collection at 100% Design in London this month.

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Here's some more information from Lazerian:


Mensa table collection

Lazerian’s experimentation with plywood over the past two years has culminated in the creation of a new collection of furniture.

Starting from a hands on exploration of plywood, Richard Sweeney and Liam Hopkins created a series of models with various connecting methods, including bolting and self-interlock.

With the use of a CNC (computer numerically controlled) router, these models were further advanced to find structural forms capable of supporting weight.

From this process emerged a distinctive collection of furniture, which makes use of both raw and laminated birch plywood.

The designs emphasise the importance of material to Lazerian- the basis of a design starts with the material itself, and efforts are made to incorporate the unique features of the material into the design, and to fully integrate methods of hand craft with new manufacturing technologies.