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Iconic Facades by Studio Job

Artists Studio Job have created a series of ornamental concrete reliefs for a new building complex in Amsterdam.

Called Iconic Façades, the project involved designing more than fifty different tableaux to sculpt the facades of a five-building project by Köther Salman Koedijk Architecten.

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The tableaux feature a wide variety of scenes including depictions of animals, machinery, sports, tools, clockwork, floral themes and religious allusions.

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Made of cast concrete, the reliefs cover nearly 800 square metres in total.

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Photos are by Jannes Linders and Roos Aldershoff.

Here's some more information from Studio Job:


Iconic facades by Studio Job

In Amsterdam, Studio Job designed and produced over 50 compositions for ornamental reliefs casted in concrete tableaus.

These are integrated in the facades of a new five building complex. The tableaus are composed in a sophisticated way and cover up to 800 m2 (24 000 ft2).

"For this project we have chosen for an universal iconography that appeals to the multicultural background of this specific block.

In floral ornaments you can see petrified flower boxes while the animal tableaus can make you think of The Arch of Noah.

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Other ornaments picture machines, clockworks and sports, referring to the imagery of socialism.

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Sometimes the ornaments are very classicistic and strict, in other cases it seems as if everything has been thrown on a chaotic heap". - Nynke Tynagel and Job Smeets

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"Studio Job realized this project beyond expectations. For each building of the complex, they have designed sparkling compositions, depicting many scenes that await to be discovered. Also the sharp and clear reliefs show the perfect craftmanship for which Studio Job stands.“ - dir. Gabi Prechtl (Kunst en Bedrijf)

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Iconic Facades 2009
design Studio Job
commission Far West / urban district Slotervaart Amsterdam
consultancy Kunst en Bedrijf
architect Köther Salman Koedijk Architecten
location Jatopa, corner of Jan Tooropstraat and Jan Evertsenstraat, Amsterdam