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L.O.F.T by Maciek Wojcicki

Polish Design Season: Royal College of Art graduate Maciek Wojcicki has designed a work station where components can be wedged, tied or hooked onto each other.

Called L.O.F.T, the furniture is composed of wood, plywood and steel.

Components are attached using grooves in the wooden frame, which can also be used for cable management.

The system is intended to be reconfigured according to the user's needs and the work being carried out.

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Here's some more information from Wojcicki:


Royal College of Art graduate Maciek Wojcicki came out with a new idea of workstation designed for home offices and studio spaces which straight after becoming a tangible object has been shortlisted for Helen Hamlyn Design Award and had its premiere during the RCA SHOW in July.

“L.O.F.T “ workstation is an adjustable platform designed to be customized according to demands of space and performed tasks. It consists of work surfaces, lighting, shelving, screens, boards and other accessories. Elements of the workstation are fixed there with help of grooves in its surfaces which are designed also to be used as a cable management feature

The platform forms a new typology of furniture. It is not a desk-like object though the table top is a feature of it. The platform/frame becomes a toolbox for different occupational needs, different job characteristics. This type of furniture is a feature bearer, not a one purpose unit as most of today’s furniture, which impose certain way of work while it might not be the most efficient one. This opportunity-giving kind of design is becoming a new strategy for tight spaces where more and more diverse action are undertaken and where the traditional desk might not be the best solution anymore.

The structure made of wood, plywood and steel may be assembled without using tools by one or two people. It is designed to be used in an intuitive way by simplest operations of wedging, tying or hooking. It construction is reliable with the feel of simplicity.

Recently the Workstation has been chosen by Li Edelkoort, former chairwoman of design academy Eindhoven and art director of Designhuis to be shown at the Talent 2009 show in Designhuis – Eindhoven (Netherlands) among other designers graduated this year out of 30 design schools in Europe. "The aim of the exhibition is to get an overview of the state of affairs in design education and its future stars"- says Li Edelkoort.