iD Cutlery by Ineke Hans

Dutch designer Ineke Hans has designed a set of cutlery with patterns imprinted on the back for Dutch brand Royal VKB.

Hans wanted the cutlery to feel robust and heavy but refer to historical decorative designs.

The range was designed as part of a project called iD/cutlery, where four designers (Ineke Hans, Richard Hutten, Gijs Bakker and Atelier Bow Wow) each designed a set of cutlery comprising four pieces and a pair of chopsticks.

Here's some more information from Royal VKB:


my iD for dining

This is my design for iD/cutlery. I based my design upon the archetypical shape of cutlery and made it robust and heavy. It may seem plain at first but the backsides are nicely engraved with different patterns as a reference to the lusciously decorated cutlery designs of the past. There’s more than meets the eye.


It is common knowledge that times have changed. Not so long ago, a set of cutlery and a tea set were given as gifts by the family to celebrate a couple’s marriage. Today’s weddings increasingly take place later in life, the traditional time for purchasing these products often postponed until such a time when a couple can afford them themselves. Additionally, through increased travel, we are seeing products for sale throughout the world which constantly influence our taste.

We like to remain individual, and that is now possible with a new concept that will constantly evolve and adapt to your ever-developing
taste. Discover a unique way of dining with the new concept by Royal VKB: iD/cutlery.

Royal VKB iD/cutlery is a combination of cutlery rarely presented. High-quality stainless steel designs, designed to be individual by illustrious international designers. Through the differing designs they form a whole, precisely due to their originality; iD/cutlery allows a table to be exclusively laid. Dining becomes more enjoyable as cutlery can be selected by individuals to correspond to their personal taste. Furthermore, ‘Western’ or ‘Asian’ dining is an option with iD/cutlery.

iD/cutlery is a concept that will continuously be added to, enabling the various new designs to be collected. iD/cutlery is available in various sets, comprising four cutlery pieces, chopsticks and a stylish presentation and storage box. iD/cutlery is packaged in a beautiful full-colour gift wrap.