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Pickled by Karina Marusinska

Polish Design Season: Wroclaw- and Lodz-based designer Karina Marusinska has created a collection of storage jars with gold and porcelain lids.

Called Pickled, the objects combine used jars with metal lids and rejected components from the porcelain industry.

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Here's some more information from Marusinska:


Thanks to contrast match-up of widely used jar with metal lid (imitating the colour of gold) and handles made of excellent porcelain (here and there decorated with gold) the integrity is assuming hybrid character. A bit of humour and irony combined into one element.

The porcelain elements are inheritance of tureens, sugar bowls, jugs, containers - industrial waste rejected in the production stage due to not meeting the product quality conditions.

Porcelain, glass, metal

Karina Marusinska graduate from Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (Ceramics Design). Studies under scholarship programs at Pais Vasco University in Bilbao, Spain (2007) and at the Institute of Ceramics in Guebwiller, France (2008). Manifold scholar, laureate of nationwide and international prizes; participation in numerous exhibitions, symposia, plein-airs and festivals either at home country or abroad.

I work either in design or artistic creation and often blur the bound between them. In my artworks I play with recipient’s senses and his appreciation. I also establish to Polish tradition. I look for solutions based on connecting different Fields of art, science and ecology. I explore the phenomenon of recycling in every little way. I am interested in creative management of industrial waste.