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Log Clock by Piotr Stolarski

Polish Design Season: here's another Polish design classic. At Tent London last month designer Piotr Stolarski of Warsaw studio Gogo exhibited clock mechanisms embedded in a wooden plank so that consumers saw off however many they need.

Several clock mechanisms are embedded in each pine plank.

The project is a continuation of Stolarski's similar project where radios were installed in a pine log.

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Here's some more information from Stolarski:


Log Clock by Piotr Stolarski

LOG clock

Raw log of pinewood with clocks. Cut away as many as you need. Customize your clock by drawing digits on it.

LOG radio

Raw log of pinewood with built-in radios. Radios are cut-off from the log with hand saw. Involving the user in production process gives every radio unique and personal final touch. First you have to cut a desired amount of radios off tghe log, then you can customize your radio by drawing controls and digits and whatever you want.

Awarded at DMY International Design Festival 2008 - Juryís favourite selection.