Dezeen podcast: ExperimentaDesign 09

Dezeen podcast: designers including Konstantin Grcic, Michael Young, Nacho Carbonell and Studio Glithero talk about their response to the theme It's About Time in this podcast report on design event ExperimentaDesign 09 in Lisbon.

Top image and above: (from left) Kevin Slavin, Oron Catts, Neri Oxman and Paola Antonelli at Open Talk 3

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Designer Konstantin Grcic introduces an exhibition comparing the daily practice in design studios around the world, Paola Antonelli of the Museum of Modern Art in New York talks about mutant designers and MIT PhD candidate Neri Oxman questions what design and architecture can do for engineering.

Above: Michael Young at Lisbon Conference 3

British Hong Kong-based designer Michael Young explains the the challenges and opportunities presented by working in China and compares the experience to designing in Europe.

Above: Konstantin Grcic at Lisbon Conference 4

Designer Hans Maier-Aichen introduces the themes explored in the exhibition he curated for the event, called Lapse in Time, before designers Nacho Carbonell, Pieke Bergmans and Studio Glithero explain their responses to the title.

Above and below: Pace of Design exhibition, curated by Tulga Beyerle

ExperimentDesign 09 began on 9 September and continues until 8 November.

Here's some more information from the organisers:

Theme – It’s About Time

How are we thinking about time these days? As a subjective experience or a socially defined concept? As luxury commodity or basic market currency? In a sense, everything in our lives is about time; it is the one resource that no individual or activity can do without.

Above and below: Lapse in Time exhibition, curated by Hans Maier-Aichen. Above image copyright Evolution Productions, Jose Dantas

We value time, we save it, we manage it, we fight it. Ultimately, time is never enough, so we are forced to prioritise. Assess, compare, choose, relegate. As contemporary life accelerates non-stop, communication is real-time, decisions are split-second and problem solving relies on quick fixes rather than sustainable solutions. In a world on the brink of environmental and financial collapse, there is a pressing need to take action – but do we think before we act?

It’s about time to concentrate on mature reflection and persistent change. ExperimentaDesign proposes to translate the double meaning of its 2009 theme into a programme: to think about the way we use time in design. EXD looks at the various ways in which time plays a role in creative disciplines, and how they in turn can address shifting notions of time and urgency. How can creative practitioners reconcile the ever-increasing speed of life with the need for reflection? Can designers develop a new notion of ‘time-based design’? How do we deal with the social dimensions of time? Social processes are fast becoming a main ingredient in product development, from open-source R&D to community-based production and project implementation. Keywords here are intimately connected to notions of time and urgency: improvisation, networking, sharing and parallel development. It’s all about time.

ExperimentaDesign is an international Biennale dedicated to design, architecture and creativity. Positioning itself as a forward-thinking, dynamic platform, EXD fosters and analyses contemporary culture through discussion and reflection. It is a springboard for up-and-coming talent and experimentation in disciplines across the creative spectrum, showcasing original projects and ideas in different formats, from exhibitions to urban interventions, debates and lectures. With a focus on people and ideas, the Biennale’s programme is designed to provide insight and incentive both to a specialized audience and the public at large, disseminating information and fuelling debate. EXD programs possibilities, crosses paths, questions and experiments, challenging participants and audiences.

Above: Studio Glithero at Lapse in Time. Image copyright P Evolution, Pedro Cortez

Taking place in Lisbon (since 1999) and for the first time (in 2008) in Amsterdam the Biennale engages a worldwide network of agents in various fields, promoting innovation and creativity as driving forces for sustainable development at all levels. For its 10th anniversary edition, EXD introduced the Warm-Up, a curtain raiser that launched the theme a year in advance with a major exhibition and lecture by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor.

Above: Nacho Carbonel at Lapse in Time. Image copyright Evolution Productions, Jose Dantas

Themed “It’s About Time”, EXD’09 looks at time as material, resource and challenge: time to take action, time to collaborate, time to make, time to reflect.

Above: Pieke Bergmans at Lapse in Time. Photograph is  by Pedro Cortez

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