Static Plastic by Han Koning

Netherlands-based designer Han Koning has designed a series of lighting made of randomly-formed plastic.

Called Static Plastic, each lamp is stretched to a different height, stamped and numbered.

The two halves are joined by a rubber strip.

The range includes a pendent lamp that houses two bulbs and a smaller table lamp with one bulb.

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Photographs are by Jelle de Groot.

Here's some more information from Koning:


The smaller version is 53 x 18 cm in dimension. the small one is in a hanging version and a standing version available.

Static Plastic are random formed lamps. Made from opaque white PETG.

Every lamp is slightly different in height dimension, due to a newly developed technique called "random thermo forcing". The material is heated and deformed into its final shape. The lamps are subtly numbered, with orders above 5 the name of the client can be added in this signing.

The lamp is finished with a rubber edge and is standardly delivered with two 5 WATT (= 30 WATT) energy saving lamps.