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Bird by Zhili Liu

Shanghai designer Zhili Liu has designed a series of lighting inspired by birds.

Top image: Sparrow. Above: Nightingale.

Called Bird, the bone china sockets hold each bulb at an angle.

Above: Doves

They can be hung in clusters, attached to a perch or displayed with a shade that represents the bird's cage.

Here's some more information from Liu:


Bird lamps (design 2006, prototyping 2009)

Angled standard sockets.

The cheap bakelite bulb sockets have been widely used in China, from workshops to living rooms for over 4 decades without any change. With a bulb and some wire, it makes a practical and reliable pendant lamp for less than 10 RMB (about 75 pence).

The bird lamps were designed to inherit the simplicity of the bakelite sockets but at the same time offer the user some more room for imagination - only by adding a little angle.

The sockets is made of bone china, which is translucent, heat proof and electrically safe. Work with incandescent, CFLs or LED bulbs with a standard E-27 base.