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KiBiSi by Kilo Design, BIG and Skibsted Ideation

Designer Lars Holme Larsen of Kilo Design, architect Bjarke Ingels of BIG and brand consultant Jens Martin Skibsted of Skibsted Ideation have collaborated to launch a new industrial design firm in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Above: Aiaiai Tracks

Called KiBiSi, the company will work across the fields of architecture, design, furniture, electronics, transportation, culture and lifestyle.

Above: Puma Shoe

Here are some of their designs intended for release in 2010, with captions from the designers.

Above: Bunch of Bulbs

Here's some more information from KiBiSi:


LAUNCH OF KiBiSi - Founded by Kilo Design, BIG and Skibsted Ideation


Founded by Kilo Design / Lars Holme Larsen, BIG / Bjarke Ingels and Skibsted Ideation / Jens Martin Skibsted, KiBiSi is a Copenhagen based idea-driven industrial design firm.

Above: AA

Each partner contributes with intelligence and experience from within his specific field, providing KiBiSi with cutting-edge knowledge and knowhow within the fields of architecture, design, furniture, electronics, transportation, contemporary culture and lifestyle.

Above: Roulade

Having collaborated on multiple projects for years Lars, Bjarke and Jens Martin decided to turn their intuitive inclination to work together into a full time collaboration.

Above: Aiaiai Swirl


Kilo Design by Lars Holme Larsen is known as an industrial design studio rooted in a straight forward approach to design merging elements of contemporary culture from high and low: the art scene as well as the street, the fashion house as well as the workshop.

Above: Puma UM Jacket

Lars Holme Larsen’s natural eye for blatant and simple solutions to complex design problems, has earned him instant acclaim as one of Danish designs fastest rising stars.

Above: Knot


BIG architects founded by Bjarke Ingels has become one of the leading firms of a new generation of architects, repeatedly attracting public attention and triggering political debate with thought provoking designs.

Above: Kilo Bike

Often moving beyond the traditional boundaries of building BIG’s ideas absorb all the economical, ecological, social and political interests surrounding a project and turn them into back bending forms that are as surprising as they are obvious.

Above: Hole Plate Table


Skibsted Ideation, founded by Biomega creator Jens Martin Skibsted, is a prolific generator of radically new concepts for brand owners: Applying the thinking of branding, fashion and cuisine to the world of industrial design.

Above: Puma UM Bag

Young Global Leader and member of “Davos” design think tank, collected by MoMA and frequent collaborator with the world’s biggest brands and best designers, Jens Martin Skibsted is a hyper active citizen of the global design elite.

Above: Oki Cutlery

Ki + Bi + Si = KiBiSi

KiBiSi merges the faculties of its founders into a symbiotic hybrid of design, architecture and ideation: The production knowhow and design sensibility of Kilo Design – the big ideas and large scale perspective of BIG architects - and the idea driven innovation and brand awareness of Skibsted Ideation.

Above: Bubbles Table

Ideas and products are intrinsically tied.

Above: Moire Chair

We believe the product should be the carrier of its brand idea rather than some designer’s form and formula.

Above: Bubbles Flacon

In the fertile overlap between Design, Architecture and Ideation KiBiSi seeks to spawn a new breed of idea driven design.

Above: GMoMA


Above: HAY Expo Chair

EXPO Chair

Molded plywood chair designed for the Danish EXPO Pavilion, Shanghai 2010. Produced by HAY

Above: TMA Headphone

TMA Headphone

TMA Headphone is an iconic, stripped to basics, headphone designed to be a DJ tool.
TMA is developed in collaboration with leading DJs, produced by Aiaiai.

Above: Tube Chair

Tube Chair

Tube Chair is developed for the 36 000 m2 mixed-use project in CPH, 8 HOUSE. A Stackable chair manufactured of wood and aluminium. Produced by HAY.

Above: Puma Bike Boston

Puma Bike Series

Bike series for urban use, based on different bike typologies. Unique carrier solutions, merging basket, carrier and handlebar in one.

Above: Puma Bike IIIII

Above: Puma Bike IIII Woman

Above: Puma Bike IIII Man

Above: Puma Bike III

Above: Puma Bike II

Above: Biomega Amsterdam

Above: Biomega Amsterdam Lady

Above: Biomega Copenhagen Lady