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CO2 Cubes by Alfio Bonanno and Christophe Cornubert

Artist Alfio Bonanno and architect Christophe Cornubert will present an installation representing a metric ton of carbon dioxide in Copenhagen next month, while the city hosts the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).


The cube, measuring 27 feet by 27 feet by 27 feet, represents the monthly carbon footprint of the average person, or the amount of carbon produced by each US citizen in two weeks.


Here's some info about the project:


On December 7th, world leaders committed to battle climate change will gather in Copenhagen at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC). Through the use of art, architecture and pioneering technology, the CO2 CUBES  will show leaders and citizens alike, the physical manifestation of one person's carbon footprint.


Measuring 27' x 27' x 27', the CO2 CUBES represent one metric ton of carbon dioxide. The structure mirrors the carbon footprint that an average citizen emits during one month; this same amount is produced by a U.S. citizen in only two weeks.


The Cubes, created by artist Alfio Bonanno and LA-based architect Christophe Cornubert, a Reitveld Architecture Prize recipient, will be situated near St. Jorgens Lake and the Tycho Brache Planetarium. In addition, the interactive media delivery system features multiple screens programmed into a 24-hour cycle. Developed by innovators Obscura Digital, the system incorporates video streams, real-time data, and practical solutions that will help to slow climate change.


With international leaders, UN officials, organizations and media in attendance, the Convention on Climate Change has a dual objective of inspiring policy makers and global citizens. It is estimated that the CO2 CUBES will reach an international audience of 420 million. Content will be distributed via digital & broadcast media outlets as well as through social networking sites and partner websites.