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Competition: who gets your Applause?

Help us choose the person most deserving of applause for their work in design in 2009 and you could win an Applause Machine worth £225!

We've teamed up with Laikingland, makers of the Applause Machine (as featured on Dezeen last year) and other kinetic objects like this continually drumming mechanical hand, to ask Dezeen readers to nominate the most important, influential, controversial or simply most lovely design person of the year.

The winning reader will win an Applause Machine - and the person they nominated will win one too!

This competition is now closed.

The designer, architect etc who gets the most nominations will receive an Applause Machine and will earn the right to call themselves The Design Person Most Deserving of Applause 2009.

The reader who submits the best reason for nominating the winning designer or architect will also win an Applause Machine. Submissions will be judged by Marcus Fairs of Dezeen and Applause Machine designer Martin Smith.

This competition closes at the end of Wednesday 16 December.

What are you waiting for - nominate away! Post your comments below...