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Egota305 by Minkus Architects Tokyo

German-Japanese studio Minkus Architects Tokyo have renovated an apartment in Tokyo using curtains that make it look like a fabric play-house.

Called Egota305, the residence is divided by two large curtains decorated with patches resembling windows, which separate off the kitchen and a built-in wardrobe.

A fake window behind one of the curtains is backlit to give the impression of another external wall.

Here's a little text from the architects:


Tokyo based German-Japanese practice MINKUS Architects Tokyo have completed a flat renovation in Tokyo.

For this flat renovation we sewed two curtains: one curtain, which separates kitchen, arises from a projection of the real windows in the room.

The other curtain hides the new built-in wardrobe and shows a mirror of the internal elevation.

There is a light behind the fake window giving the impression of another external facade. It is a play with the real and illusion of inside and outside as well as question of original and copy.

We also found it interesting, that Japanese glazing is often opaque and ornamented, even if there is a nice outlook.