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Switch Restaurant by Karim Rashid

Dezeen's top ten: Dubai projects

Since Dubai has been in the news a lot recently, here are our ten most popular stories about projects in Dubai. Guess what? Karim Rashid is at number one with his Switch Restaurant (above).


2: second place goes to Dutch firm UNStudio for the Museum of Middle Eastern Modern Art.


3: in third place is the Michael Schumacher World Champion Tower by architects Chris Bosse and Tobias Wallisser of LAVA.


4: fourth most popular is a kilometre-high tower by architects Woods Bagot.


5: X–Architects of Dubai come in fifth with an urban complex called Xeritown.


6: Dubai opera house by Zaha Hadid is seventh most-viewed.

7: next up is Waterfront City by OMA.


8: another project by OMA, this time a 300 metre-tall rotating skyscraper.


9: a cloud-shaped resort on slanted legs to resemble rain by Atelier Hapsitus is in ninth position.

10: Dubai Opera by French architect Jean Nouvel concludes our top ten Dubai projects.

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