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Clamp Desk by Paul Coudamy & Benoit Coulondres

French designers Paul Coudamy and Benoit Coulondres have completed the interior of a printer's office using a clamp-together desk system.

Called Clamp Desk , the project features a rigid worktop with adaptable storage modules and a slide out plastic workspace.

The office also features shelving made from shipping boxes.

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Photos courtesy of Benjamin Boccas.

Here's some more information from Paul Coudamy:


Design : Paul Coudamy & Benoit Coulondres
Client : H2 impression
Object : Furniture design for printer office
Location : 8 rue Saint Marc, 75002 Paris
Completion : November 2009
Budget : NC
Wall art work by JR

Modular desktop

The challenge was to create a working desk, adaptable to the ever changing needs of busy worker. The concept is based on a system of trestle and tray insert in a board. A  translucent honeycomb PMMA sheet offers an exceptionally light and rigid worktop. Holes drilled in the panel allow to run cables under a wire system. This pleasant haptic worktop is hold by 3 combinable wood modules inserted directly in the board.

1) Trestle with metal U jaws are a gain of space on top and under the desk.
2) Storage module can be inserted in the board. Under the board, a door permits to store documents, a drawer accessible directly from the top give an instant access.
3) Table leaf is built with a central hole in order to slide along the board. In a cantilever position you can add 70cm to the table length or simply use it to separate the work place : workers will be free to choose wood or the plastic board to work on. This one person table can also suite autonomous uses beside the main desk.

Shelving system

To answer the short delay for construction we choose to use an already existing storage system to create  shelves units. Wood shipping boxes have been fixed to a OSB boards and bend to create graphical contorted shapes. The lid could cover closed parts. Mounted with wheels mobile boxes offer extra storage and seating for visitors.

Building and engineering achieved by the incredible Peter Brochot & the legendary Biusch Man