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RGO2 by Rui Grazina

Portuguese designer Rui Grazina has designed a cube-shaped jewellery box with a drawer on each face.

Called RG02, the box features varying sized draws on five of its sides.

Photos are by Nelson Garrido.

Here's some more information from Rui Grazina:


RG02 is a jewelry box in the shape of a cube. It was conceived as an object that contains small interior spaces in five drawers on its five usable sides. Each of these units have different size and character, offering the possibility of assigning them different functions. The whole unit is made of satinwood, and marked by the particular feature of a smaller drawer, which is given another kind of wood - rosewood - thus proposing a different space oriented for an especially precious object.

The RG02 is conceived in a perspective of design with functional capacity, in which the dimensions are kept to a minimum, allowing the production of artifacts with a scale out of the ordinary. In these objects I try to address the question of body and object relationship, and to explore the piece as a three-dimensional object, where the user finds the use of each part and its specific relationship to the whole. The user interacts with the object and discovers its potential and different features.

The handles are executed in a thin nylon string. The dimensions are 180 x 180 x 180 mm. RG02 is produced by Paularte, an industrial furniture company founded in 1968 by João Paulo Martins in Braga, Portugal. The company has innitiated in 2007 a project of creation and production of designer furniture.