Westminster Chiming Grandfather Clock by Ryan McElhinney

London designer Ryan McElhinney has made a grandfather clock covered in discarded plastic toys.

Called Westminster Chiming Grandfather Clock, the product was made by bonding the toys together and coating them in white polyurethane.

It chimes every 15 minutes.

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The test below is from Ryan Mc Elhinney


The clock was a commission for a home on The Palms in Dubai.

It is 2.2 Meters tall and has a working Westminster Chime mechanism that chimes every 15 Minutes. The internal structure is an original grandfather clock.

It is made from toys that have been bonded together and then coated in a high gloss polyurethane white paint.

Each piece is one of a kind and made to my clients requirements. This allows me to place toys that my client may have played with in their childhood and tell a story.

Clients often tell me that even a year after receiving their sculpture that they discover new toy's that they had missed or press a button and find toys that light up and make noise.

Im now working on a series of Toy children that are made from toys and hold weapons. Im trying to highlight war and crime, and its effect on children today.