Competition: seven copies of China's Creative Voice to be won

To coincide with today's celebrations of the Chinese New Year, Dezeen have teamed up with brand consultancy HuntHaggarty to give our readers the chance to win one of seven copies of China's Creative Voice - A Brave New Youth Culture.

The book studies how Chinese youth and youth brands are striving to find and express their unique identity, independent from western and Japanese cultural influences.

The book is the first edition in HuntHaggarty's series of Creative Voice books looking at the creative youth cultures of rapidly-developing economies.

This competition is now closed.

Seven winners will be selected at random and notified by email. Winners’ names will be published in a future edition of our Dezeenmail newsletter and at the bottom of this page. Dezeen competitions are international and entries are accepted from readers in any country.

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Here's more info from HuntHaggarty:


Press Release
Year Of The Tiger, 2010

China's Creative Voice-A Brave New Youth Culture

Creative Voice is a new series of publications by HuntHaggarty, which focuses on trendsetting, creative youth in fast-growing, developing economies. China’s Creative Voice, the first book in the series, reveals how Chinese youth are developing a new creative language to find a unique mode of expression. The study provides an inspiring insight, not only for global brands wanting to grow in the Chinese market, but also for those looking to learn from this remarkable group of people who are reinventing their cultural identity to shape the world’s most influential economy.

Young Chinese are tired of mimicking the west and Japan, and are beginning to question their identities in a land of silenced voices and prohibitive laws. They are instead turning their eyes towards China to develop a language of their own. A restrictive history means they are having to work much harder, resulting in an impressive show of passion, ambition and confidence. They are bound by a common responsibility to forge a new voice that will form a blueprint for tomorrow’s domestic and international cultural self-expression.

Few other countries have online networks, forums and blogs as active as in China, as young Chinese enthusiastically share, test and develop their ideas. Edgier local youth brands, as well as a handful of international brands that have truly understood the market, also work as a platform for China’s new generation to develop their creativity and express themselves.

China’s Creative Voice challenges the conventions of ‘outside in’ global research. Instead it has been built from first-hand research from within youth communities in China. The study filters these findings to provide key implications for those wanting to build a stronger relationship with creative youth in all markets.

The study is an invaluable asset for brands and businesses looking to engage with this dynamic community, which is both setting trends in China and defining global mainstream culture for the future.

HuntHaggarty is an independent brand innovation consultancy, specialising in brand experience strategy and design. HuntHaggarty has studios in London and Hong Kong to support a global client network.

Congratulations to the winners! Laura "Zoe" Romano in Italy, Lin Xie in the USA, Sofie Vermaut in Belgium, Paola Palencia in the USA, Jimi in Japan, Sabine Staggi in Italy and Angela Ponzini also in Italy.