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Cabinet by Dimitri Vangrunderbeek

Artist Dimitri Vangrunderbeek of Brussels has collaborated with D&ALab to produce a cabinet scattered with folded out people, exhibited at Object Rotterdam earlier this month.

The cabinet is made from thin sheets of steel which have the silhouettes of men cutout and folded back, casting miniature-people shadows over the top and front surfaces.

Here is some more information from D&ALab:

Dimitri Vangrunderbeek conceived a cupboard in collaboration with D&ALab. The starting idea comes from his moving figurines, cut out of paper, which are folded on the top to the piece of furniture’s feet (1991).

The nice pattern, based on twelve figurines taken from a Muybridge’s photographs sequence, gives us an animated image thanks to the figurines which are set out in various directions and which create a moving effect using their shaping and the variation of their shadow.

To produce this work, D&ALab provided the thin steel sheets and brought a special technique in order to cut down these little shapes from the thin steel sleeves.