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Dish Drainer Geo by Jorre van Ast

Designer Jorre van Ast of London has designed a dish drainer based on geographical contour lines for Royal VKB.

Called Dish Drainer Geo, the gentle change in levels forces the water to drain off.

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Here is some more information from Royal VKB:

Dish Drainer Geo

The Dish Drainer Geo has been designed to drain small amount of washing-up. The subtle height differences in the design will ensure that the water will drain off. The Dish Drainer Geo means it is no longer necessary to use a large dish drainer which is awkward to store.

The Dish Drainer Geo is flat and takes up very little space. It can be put away if required, but that really isn’t necessary because its design, inspired by geographical contour lines, ensures that it fades harmoniously into every interior. The Dish Drainer Geo is available in the colours of warm grey (mountains) and blue (oceans).

Royal VKB

Royal VKB is the latest brand of the Dutch company, Koninklijke Van Kempen & Begeer. Founded in 1789, Koninklijke Van Kempen &
Begeer has made history with durable stainless steel products and timeless silverware. Product development has always concentrated
on solutions for modern man and his times. Royal VKB has developed extraordinary and functional products in cooperation with outstanding Dutch designers.

They approach the modern international consumer with an open mind for smart products. So the trick is in the thinking: “Thoughts for Food”.

Royal VKB has grown expansively since its launch in 2005. The products are available in numerous countries throughout the world and have won many prestigious international design awards.