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Mini Golf Club by La Bolleur

Milan 2010: Eindhoven collective La Bolleur will construct a mini golf course in Zona Tortona in Milan this April.

The nine-hole course will be constructed from wood and include a clubhouse with bar.

The project was first shown in October during Dutch Design Week 2009. These photographs show the course installed at La Bolleur's headquarters in Eindhoven.

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The text below is from La Bolleur:

This spring Zona Tortona will literally be the playground of the guys from La Bolleur for five days since they decided to bring their Mini Golf Club abroad! During the Milan Design Week you'll find their space at Via Vogehra 11 in Milan, Italy. Make sure that your practise is up to Par!

It has been 5 years since Timon van der Hijden, Zowie Jannink and Steie van Vugt decided to change the scene at La Bolleur - a former brothel in the city of Eindhoven.

They literally transformed this inglorious lounge and made it their own by undertaking major creative projects which the city of Eindhoven never experienced before.

La Bolleur revived and instantly became a very honourable cultural meeting place where people could get together. The atmosphere was set by establishing a fully operating (pop up) restaurant for two years in a row, plus a legendary comedy night with Hollands' leading comedians.

As well as the many performances by musicians and DJ's, numerous movie nights and exhibitions before this re-established lounge was demolished.

In the meantime La Bolleur had become a multidisciplinary collective with a fun sense of self esteem and with five new members; Cris Bartels, Bram Burger, Ivo J. Daniëls, Mark van Gennip and Frank Winnubst. A new location presented itself rather quickly in the form of an abandoned farmhouse in the city centre of Eindhoven that was renamed - of course - La Bolleur.

It comes as no surprise that this collective with their 'hands-on' mentality, appeared on many events all over the Netherlands and even exhibited at the 'Salone del Mobile' in Milan.

There, they were also responsible for the infamous unannounced party in an empty pool where thousands of people were present.

Today La Bolleur is more visible than ever, especially after winning a Dutch Design Award in 2009 for their excellent method of communicating their brand. La Bolleur presented itself as a mini golf club; with a self constructed nine hole course and a clubhouse with bar.

With a theme like mini golf, which appeals to many people La Bolleur proved again that they can also serve a more broad and diverse audience and even create events that perhaps seemed out of their league.