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Spool Chair by Keisuke Fujiwara

Tokyo designer Keisuke Fujiwara has wrapped bentwood chairs by German furniture brand Thonet in twelve kilometres of coloured thread.

Called Spool Chair, the project features twelve different coloured threads.

Fujiwara created one version in warm colours (called Fire) and a second in cool hues (called Water).

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Here's a little text from Fujiwara:


THONET has secured its place in the history of modern design being the first in the world to mass-produce furniture thanks to its development of the bentwood technique in the 19th century.

Spool chair was wrapped up in about 12km of 12 different colored thin threads on the best chair in modern design, THONET No.14.
Fujiwara puts not only homage also an irony toward rationality and economy with modern ages.

This process shows how much powerful the hand-made work is.