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Blank Wall Clock by Martí Guixé for Alessi

Catalan designer Martí Guixé has created a wall clock for Italian design brand Alessi with no markings and a dry-wipe surface.

Guixé intends users to write on the face and hands of the clock with a wipe-clean pen.

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Here's a bit of text from Alessi:

Alessi – Marti Guixè

Objects have become tools for perceiving reality of every day, and also for communicating not only with objects, but also with other people through the objects. This collection is based on new typologies revolving around this concept.

24h sentence maker wall clock

A way to measure time with sentences. The different hours are words and the word IS is written in the middle of the clock. A new sentence every hour, 24 sentences a day.

Blank Wall Clock

A wall clock with a pen: you can write, draw and erase it easily according to your perception of time and graphics.