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Bubbles by Dream and Fly

Barcelona company Dream and Fly have designed a series of miniature hotel rooms for busy places like airports and train stations.

Called Bubbles, the modules will come in different sizes and be rented by the hour so travellers can work rest or shower.

The Single Bubble sized will be equipped with a sleeping area, bathroom, small folding workspace with internet access, monitors displaying boardings times and a sound system.

The larger Family Bubble will also include baby changing facilities, while the Simple Bubble will provide only a sleeping area.

Watch a video of the prototype here.

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Here is some more information from the designers:

Dream and Fly is a micro-hotel concept by hours. It is made up of small independent bubbles that allow for great versatility in the areas in which they are installed.

Ideal for areas with large concentrations of people like airports, sea ports, events, resorts, international fairs where mobility is necessary. Aimed at passengers in transit, airports, safaris, macro events without time to travel to the nearest hotel.

The bubbles are small luxury rooms with a fully equipped bathroom / bedroom,  offering a new type of comfort, high degree of technology reduced to the essential, and at a low cost.

Inspired by the nature of a womb, this space aims to transmit a feeling of protection in contrast to the movement and agitation of the outside world - a world of four dimensions, static but equally dynamic - safety, comfort, tranquility and isolation are the characteristics on which this micro hotel and bubbles are designed.