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Stitch lamp by TAF

Designers TAF of Sweden have designed a lamp for Swedish lighting brand Zero, similar in appearance and construction to an embroidery frame.

The roller-milled aluminium lamp is available in two sizes and can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Available in four colours, the angle of the lamp is also adjustable.

Photos are by Zero & Tintin Jonsson.

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Here's more info from TAF:

New wall and ceiling lamp for Zero

The construction and the appearance of the lamp are inspired by the construction principle of an embroidery frame.

When attached on the wall or in the ceiling it is possible to adjust the frame in different angles to direct the light and gain the most effect out from the light source and the lamp.

Stitch is made of roller milled aluminium with a diffuser of matt acrylic.

It exists in two sizes and in various colors.

Title: Stitch
Object: Wall and Ceiling Lamp
Client: Zero,
Dimensions: Ø 300 mm or Ø 450 mm

Design: Mattias Ståhlbom
Photo: Zero & Tintin Jonsson
Date: 2010