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Imaginary Architectures by El Ultimo Grito

Spanish designers El Ultimo Grito will exhibit a collection of blown-glass architectural models at the Aram Gallery in London later this month.

Top: Imaginary Architectures, Apartments
Above: Imaginary Architectures, Hotel

Called  Imaginary Architectures, the objects feature tubes, funnels and steps to each represent a different building typology, including a hotel, car park and theatre.

Above: Imaginary Architectures, Theatre

Called El Ultimo Grito - Dialogues, the exhibition will also include a collection of furniture made of cardboard and resin, and a graphic project that combines photographs of the designers with famous quotes.

Above: Imaginary Architectures, Parking Side

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Here are some more details from the gallery:

El Ultimo Grito - Dialogues

With the arrival of Abandon Architectures, El Ultimo Grito’s new book, The Aram Gallery is pleased to present three collections of work from 2009 and 2010, not yet seen in the UK.

Above: Imaginary Architectures, Spa

Known for their engaging reinvention of objects, and large scale installations, El Ultimo Grito’s more recent work has included direct questioning of cultural and social preconceptions.

Above: Found objects: Dialogues

This new direction is embodied in the selected works for this exhibition which include: a group of large blown glass installation pieces exploring architectural archetypes created with master glassblowers in Italy; a collection of lightweight cardboard and resin furniture, incorporating structural ingenuity with rich colouring and suggesting an alternative design and production method for a permanent dining table; and ‘Found objects: Dialogues’ a series of photographic re-appropriations of famous quotes.

Above: Found objects: Dialogues

Roberto Feo and Rosario Hurtado are the Post Disciplinary studio EL ULTIMO GRITO.

Above: Found objects: Dialogues

Their work “reflects upon their interest in how contemporary culture incorporates, re-uses and re-interprets the systems and structures that it has inherited.

Above: Found objects: Dialogues

Within this context the challenge is to create new objects, which can be typologically disentangled from our conventional (learned) understanding of the world, and thus offer alternative ways to live, work and communicate.”

Above: Found objects: Dialogues

El Ultimo Grito’s work has been widely exhibited and is collected by leading International museums and galleries.

Above: Found objects: Dialogues

In 2008 the practice was renamed EUG Studio during a two year residency in Berlin. Now based back in London the studio’s work has expanded into a distinct critical practice along side Product design and Art Direction.

Above: Cardboard Resin Furniture

Both partners teach at the Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths University, as well as being acting visiting Professors at HFBK, Hamburg University.

Above: Cardboard Resin Furniture

The Aram Gallery thanks Kingston University Design Department where Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo are visiting senior research fellows, for supporting this exhibition.

Curator: Daniel Charny
Assistant Curator: Ellie Parke
Gallery Director: Zeev Aram