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Delicious by Mathieu Lehanneur

French designer Mathieu Lehanneur will present a series of metal storage units with quilted surfaces at Tools Galerie in Paris next week.

Called Delicious, the range draws on the metal sheeting that American hot dog stands are often made of and combines it with a quilting pattern.

Lehanneur will present the project as part of an exhibition called Métal(s), which will showcase projects by designers including Chris Kabel and Oskar Zieta that focus on metal forming techniques.

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The text that follows is from Lehanneur:

'Delicious' at Tools galerie

The 'Delicious' range of storage units is now being marketed by Tools Galerie. A salute to the ubiquitous New York hot dog stand served up with a padded stitch effect borrowed from Coco Chanel, the range will be on display in the 'Métal(s)' collective show starting 2 April and running to 29 May 2010 at Tools Galerie

4 modules & finishes available.