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Hand in Hand Clock by Yen-Wen Tseng

Taiwanese designer Yen-Wen Tseng has designed a clock where the hands are linked by two more pivoting arms.

Tseng created the design while studying at Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm.

More about Yen-Wen Tseng on Dezeen: Handlebar Candlesticks (February 2010).

Here's a little text from the designer:

My name is Yen-Wen Tseng, from Taiwan, and now study at Konstfack, Stockholm.

What a new relation between hours and minutes could be?

What else could a clock look like?

I try to find more interaction between two hands happening on a clock, not just two lines connected to one point.

On Hand In Hand Clock, there are four hands connected to and influenced by each other.

That gives time a new appearance in reality and in people’s mind.