Askur Picnic Basket by FærID

Designers FærID of Iceland exhibited a picnic set made of birch with a plaited leather strap at DesignMarch in Reykjavík last week.

Originally launched in 2009 and called Askur, contains plates, two sets of cutlery and food containers designed to hold traditional Nordic food such as fish, bread and eggs.

A white lacquer coating protects the wood.

Here's some information from the designers:

Picnic basket: ASKUR

Inspired by old Nordic history, Midsummer festivals and love of family. This piece named Askur was first show-pieced during the Design March in Iceland in 2009.

The piece reinvents old values and new experiences.

This picnic basket is handcrafted in Iceland out of Icelandic Birch and then spray coated as a protection for the wood.

The pieces in the picnic set are designed mainly to serve for Nordic food such as herring, rye bread, potatoes and eggs.