Juuri by Sarah Böttger

Designer Sarah Böttger of Germany has created a series of containers made of glass components joined with plastic rings and disks.

Called Juuri, the project involved making three different blown-glass shapes, cutting them in eight places and joining them together different combinations.

The resulting series comprises six different vessels in blue, green and grey tones.

The text that follows is from Böttger:

Three shapes, eight cuts and six vessels - a set of glasses with many possibilities. Inspired by the manufacturing process of glass, they all go back to the same basic form – but via well positioned cuts they turn into six different vessels.

The combination of glass and flexible plastic gives the objects their functional qualities.

Both materials have their own characteristics.

The glass is transparent, fragile, shows reflections and gives the impression of changing its color once it is filled.

In contrast, the plastic is flexible, matte, robust and provides the necessary properties to make the object work well.

By means of a big lid, a small lid and a connecting ring, the forms can be used to combine functions.

Open or closed, big or small, grey or green, the vessels are diversified not only by their shapes but also by their colors.

They offer a variety of applications within different contexts left to the single user.

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