Grip by Marco Dessi for Lobmeyr

Italian designer Marco Dessi has created a set of glasses and decanters for Austrian brand Lobmeyr.

Called Grip, the collection features a ring of incisions where the base and walls of each piece meet.

The text below is from Dessi:

Drinking set no.281 - "grip"

Marco Dessi, an Italian designer who studied in Vienna, designed a series including tumbler and decanter, which should attract people to a joyfull everyday use.

2010 the series has been expanded to 8 items. One of Dessi's ideas was to show how a rather technical looking design comes to life, if it is produced by skilled craftsmen.

A special lamella cut has been developed, which should suggest a technical aesthetic and functionality. Similar to the series Adolf Loos designed for Lobmeyr, visible scratches on the glass bottom are prevented by this ornament.

At least the same importance is assigned on the haptic pleasure when drinking from the glass -literally the "grip".