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The Regional Blanket by Vík Prjónsdóttir

Milan 2010: with half the design world stuck in our special category thanks to the volcano and the other half unable to get there, we thought this would be a good time to republish The Regional Blanket by Vík Prjónsdóttir of Iceland.

The blanket was exhibited in Reykjavik last month as part of DesignMarch, when the eruption began, and shows the landscape of Iceland. See our earlier story for more details.

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Here's some more information from stockists Iukbox, followed by some more from the designers:

You planned to go to the Salone in Milan but stayed stuck because of the volcano?


IUKBOX presents The Regional Blanket of Vik Prjonsdottir: WITH THE REAL MAP OF THE VOLCANO !

Snuggling up for warmth to an Icelandic volcanic landscape. The Joys of contrast. In the woolen womb of Island, imagine the Eyjafjöll volcano, the eruption, the hot springs, the snow.

Hand made
100% icelandic wool
Black, green, brown, white and blue.
226 x 152 cm

A volcano between the two big glaciers in the south of Iceland has woken up after 200 years of sleep. The eruption is located in the middle of the Landscape blanket and is very close to Vík, the town where Vík Prjónsdóttir is produced. The volcano started erupting just before midnight yesterday and has ripped a 1km-long fissure in the earth. At the moment the eruption is rather small and no one is in danger. "This was a rather small and peaceful eruption, but we are concerned that it could trigger an eruption at the nearby Katla volcano, a vicious volcano that could cause both local and global damage," said Pall Einarsson, a geophysicist at the University of Iceland's Institute of Earth Science.

Víkurprjón/Vikwool, the knitting factory, is located on the southern coast of Iceland, south of one of the country’s largest glaciers. Under the icemass sleeps one of the most active volcanos of the island, Katla, which wakes up once in a century. The last eruption in Katla was 1918 so now people are waiting...

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