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Baum by Study O Portable

Milan 2010: London design studio Study O Portable presented a set of bangles made of layers of ceramic resin in Milan earlier this month.

Called Baum, the bangles are made by layering coloured ceramic resin onto a rotating spit, creating a tube which is then sliced and polished.

Each batch of bangles has different colour combinations and diameters.

The collection was presented at Foodmarketo, a collaboration between Apartamento magazine and Designmarketo in Milan earlier this month.

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Here's some more information from the designers:


Baum is a stack of bangles made by layering coloured ceramic resin onto a rotating spit. The process, that takes hours of labour to complete, resembles the way Baumkuchen (the German Tree Cake) is made and creates a tree like structure.

The trunk made from the process is then cut into slices and polished to become bangles. All the trunks are unique in colour and size, and each bangle has a different thickness. The bangles are cross sections of the trunk that expose the intricate pattern of growth developed during the making.

This is a part of an ongoing experiment in defining the function of an object with a void. With Baum, the object function is defined by the size of the core. Baum was commissioned for FoodMarketo, a joint venture by Apartamento Magazine and DesignMarketo which took place at Kaleidoscope Project Space during Milan Design Week 2010.

Study O Portable is a designing practice for accessories and other portable objects, founded by Bernadette Deddens and Tetsuo Mukai in London in 2009.

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