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Bar Basso owner Maurizio Stocchetto tells the story of the legendary Milan bar

In this movie, owner Maurizio Stocchetto tells the history of Bar Basso and how it became a design-world institution during Milan Design Week.

Bar Basso, the venue for the DezeenBarBasso party held in collaboration with Wyborowa Exquisite wodka, was established in 1933, featuring "old-school" bartenders from Venice and Cortina.

In the sixties, Stocchetto's father Mirko accidentally added Prosecco instead of gin to a Negroni cocktail he was mixing, thereby creating the Negroni Sbagliato (or "mistaken Negroni") cocktail, for which the bar became famous.

It became a favourite among the design scene in the 1980s, when British designer James Irvine moved to the city and began frequenting the bar, which is located at Via Plinio 39 in the east of the city.

Irvine would often invite his designer friends along to enjoy the bar's old-fashioned charm and its cocktails, which were served in hand-blown Venetian glasses.

In 1999, Stocchetto and a group of designers including Irvine, Marc Newson, Jasper Morrison and others organised a party at the bar during Milan's design week.

Word spread and over 1,000 people turned up, spilling over the pavement and the roundabout in front of the bar and establishing a tradition for late-night drinking and networking that continues to this day.

"That was the turning point in the relationship between Bar Basso and Salone del Mobile," Stocchetto said. "From that night on, every night it became bigger and bigger, until today."