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House of Stone by John Pawson

Milan 2010: British architect John Pawson exhibited a pavilion made of stone in Milan last month.

Called House of Stone, the structure features a gap cut across its centre and is made entirely of a recycled material, consisting of scrap stone and natural resin.

Low energy LED lights illuminate the structure at night and highlight the texture of the stone.

Recesses in the interior conceal the lighting system.

Here's some more information about the project:

British architect John Pawson in collaboration with Salvatori and lighting specialists KKDC exhibited at the celebrated Think Tank Exhibition, Milan. The installation entitled ‘House of Stone’ was a simple, house shaped architectural structure made from recycled stone, cut with meticulous accuracy.

KKDC lighting specialists provided a strikingly innovative MoMo LED light source to illuminate the construction at night, turning the cuts into brilliant beams while highlighting the texture of the stone and minimal architecture. The house was made entirely from recycled material made from a stone residue formulated by market leaders Salvatori, consisting of 99% stone scrap and just 1% natural resin to act as a bonding agent.

About the project: House of Stone

“Seen from the colonnade the installation was a simple house shaped architectural structure” explains world renowned British architect John Pawson. A construction that is at once both straightforward and appealing, creating constant contrasts and juxtapositions of ethereality and substance, lights, shadows and surfaces. Pawson adds, “Cut with meticulous accuracy the planes in dark stone convey a sense of essentiality and precision.”

Central to the installation layout was the strikingly innovative linear MoMo LED lighting product by KKDC. Slits on the edges and the central section of the construction allowed light in the walls protect, while the cracks breakdown the sense of intimacy and closure as well as providing a source of illumination. At night the linear MoMo LED lights inside the house turned these cuts into brilliant beams.

The linear MoMo LED light source produced by lighting specialist KKDC has no visible lighting structure. It is carefully concealed providing a continuous linear lighting source throughout the space.

The consistent 2800k colour temperature is used to evenly light and emphasize the horizontal and vertical planes of the structure, while highlighting the texture of the stone material and minimal architectural form. The linear MoMo LED lights offer low energy consumption making it an environmentally friendly product.

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