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Swarm by Mike and Maaike

San Francisco designers Mike and Maaike have created a space divider comprising overlapping grids of batons.

Called Swarm, the product has been designed for American brand Council and will be presented at the ICFF in New York this month.

The dividers come in a variety of colours and their density can be changed by putting the units together in different arrangements.

Here's a bit of text from the designers:

SWARM for Council

Swarm is a space divider that offers great flexibility in density and scale, enabling the creation of light-filled, intimate spaces within open environments. The term Swarm describes an aggregation of animals (insects, fish, birds and microorganisms) of similar size and body orientation, generally cruising in the same direction.

The Swarm space divider displays a similar behavior, softening spaces, fading in and out, creating texture and motion. The self-standing units blend together when arranged in groups.
Manufactured and sold by Council Inc. ICFF Booth 1708. Also featured in a large installation surrounding the ICFF theater.

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