Boa Hairdressers Salon by Claudia Meier

Zurich designer Claudia Meier has completed a hairy hair salon in Zurich, Switzerland.

Designed for the Boa Hairdressers Salon, the interior features a series of white translucent fibres hanging from the ceiling, with light filtering through them over the workstations.

The lengths of the fibres are varied to give the impression of cut hair.

Tree stumps are scattered through the salon for use as side tables and stools.

Photographs are by Claudia Meier.

Here's some more text from the designer:

The brief of the client asked for a design with an intense ambiance, giving the impression of entering a “new world”.

The concept of the design plays with the idea of giving the space a hair cut.

The underside of the ceiling is therefore covered with hanging white, transparent fibres.

A slight movement circulates in the fibres created of the hairdryers blowing air through the space.

Whilst researching the possible materials for this effect I was lucky enough to find a company that was able to translate my concept into reality.

One of the most interesting parts of this project was actually to develop and produce this scheme in close co-operation with the company.

Extensive and time consuming experiments were necessary in order to get the lighting right in terms of overall effect and correct illumination for the individual workspaces.

The intense teamwork between client and architect provided a powerful work environment that resulted in the quality of the project.

Project: Refurbishment of Boa Hairdresser’s Salon
Client: Manuela Daluz

Location: Meilen/Zurich, Switzerland
Completion: March 2010

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