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Glass Skin by Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk

Eindhoven designers Kiki van Eijk and Joost van Bleiswijk presented glassware produced in collaboration with the glass-makers of Murano in Venice at Sotheby's auction house in London last week.

Top: Dream! by Kiki van Eijk - To dream or to have a dream is the most enchanting phenomena in life. This is what makes it a paradise. The upside down basket with refined wire structure combined with a mirrored bottle full of transparent bubbles from which shines a light symbolizes the dream.

Above: Drink! by Kiki van Eijk - This object symbolizes “drinking” which is of paramount importance in order to stay alive. Our body consist for 70% of water. But still, during a hectic day, we almost forget to drink enough!
The form of this object is an interpretation of a very primitive vessel to get beverage from nature fused with the historical amphora; the queen of vessels.

Van Eijk's collection features a series of sculptural glass objects created using a variety of techniques, each intended to represent a different activity.

Above: Eat! by Kiki van Eijk - This “totem” of kitchen objects symbolizes the urge to eat. But also the fun of eating! A giant skimmer stacked on a glass kitchen trolley constructed as in wood which falls into a giant pot standing on a glass side table create all together a neat and fun combination of very simple objects.

Glass Stacks by van Bleiswijk is a collection of architectonic centre-pieces made of amber-coloured glass with a mirror coating on the inside.

Above: Fun! by Kiki van Eijk - Without fun and humour there will always be a dull moment! The trumpet and balloon, just enough to keep one beautiful flower, symbolize the enchantment of life.

The exhibition features work by selected Eindhoven graduates in London last week.

Above: Love! by Kiki van Eijk - Love is about warmth, passion and the melting together of two contrasts. This watering- can, normally used for the very sweet habit of watering the plants, is in perfect harmony with its internal candleholder arising from the spout. At the same time the candleholder which brings fire and the vessel that holds water for a neat bouquet of flowers are in perfect contrast with each other melted together. by the traditional “incalmo” technique. The symbolisation of love.

Above: Rest! by Kiki van Eijk - Rest is the engine of life. When the engine is loaded again anything is possible….The pillows with hourglass that can’t be used because it’s fixed in a diagonal position yet enriched with the subtle ornamentation of the filigrane symbolize the relief of rest.

Here's some more information from the designers:

DRINK! EAT! FUN! ! REST! THINK! DREAM! LOVE! by Kiki van Eijk.

A series of sculptural glass objects that symbolize the most important yet basic things in life. Murano’s finest crafts in glass are fully represented in this series.

It shows a very honest and pure craft which fits perfectly with the story of the objects.

Glass Stacks by Joost van Bleiswijk

By using a mix of different traditional techniques like filigrane, mother of pearl, incalmo, and mirroring with a modern and personal approach a layered story is created.

It symbolizes the most beautiful and honest things in life that we often tend to forget in today’s hectic world we’re living in.

Every object has it’s own colour schedule and represents a kind of still life with a new function; both emotional and usable.

Glass Stacks by Joost van Bleiswijk.

Joost van Bleiswijk has created a series of designs that form a range of architectonic centrepieces.

The accumulations of forms which become stacks of glass are designed from combinations of lines.

These are the conclusion of Joost’s desire to simplify and ‘cubify’ shapes that surround us.

Joost chooses objects that seem to be a statement on it’s own.

He makes combinations and abstractions of existing everyday pieces that form a grandeur which relate to the complexity of glass blowing yet respect the importance of items as such.

All items will be made of amber coloured glass, with mirror coating on the inside, to give it a very rich gold look.

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