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Nest House by Stephan Ricci AKA Architerroriste

French architect Stephan Ricci AKA Architerroriste has designed a conceptual house shaped like a pair of binoculars and surrounded by a nest.

Called Nest House, the self-sufficient building would have a layer of criss-crossing batons over the exterior and large windows at each end.

Here are some more musings from Architerroriste:

This is a conceptual project. I am an architect but also an artist with as medium " architecture ".

This project is an abstract vision of what could be the ecological habitat in few years.

It is a self sufficient house in energy and water. It is equipped with solar panels.

It is also equipped with a wind turbine that generates electricity but also recovers the water with ambiant humidity. And finally a pool of rainwater.

The first skin is as a nest a protection.

The second skin was thinking more like an egg - it's a structural skin but also insulation.

The project of "home-nest" with a view to radically break with the existing conventional system, giving way to a mode of living an ideal and aesthetically écologique.

"Habitat" in ecology refers to the natural life of a plant or animal species. While in human geography "habitat" is the tenure of space by humans in a function of accommodation.

To deal with this theme of "Utopia" it appeared evident to merge these two senses of the word "habitat" to create a home that is functional, economical and environmentally friendly.

In other words, a home self-sufficient in energy (wind, rainwater collection, solar panels etc ...) containing all the principles of contemporary architecture and adapted to natural environments or urban wild.

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