The Alarming Clock by Natalie Duckett

Scottish designer Natalie Duckett has created an alarm clock that wakes the user up by acting like a woodpecker.

Called The Alarming Clock, the product is made from a log and comes with interchangeable 'beaks'.

These stick out from the back of the clock and drum on whatever the product is sat in front of.

Different surfaces and objects can alter the sounds of the woodpecker.

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Here's some information from the designer:

THE ALARMING CLOCK by Natalie Duckett

Product designer Natalie has created an alarm clock designed to enhance our waking experience through improving our sleep rhythm. “I was inspired when I was exchanging sleep experiences with friends and family. I found that no one liked their alarm signal or in fact their waking experiences. It became my mission to improve this.” Said Natalie.

Natalie’s unique clock contains two alarms that will signal each day; one morning and one evening alarm. Their purpose is to indicate to the user when to begin their sleep routine to improve quality and duration of sleep to at least 8 hours. Another interesting feature of her product is the removal of the clock interface. Instead she displays pre-set morning alarms that once selected, will automatically set the corresponding evening alarm.

The product reflects that sleep is a natural process and as such is made from natural materials. Over time the log will shed its bark and decompose as the user develops and controls their sleep rhythm. The signal is mechanically created to imitate the sound of a woodpecker drumming against a tree making her clock distinct and unusual. Altering the woodpecker’s drumming is made possible by placing the selected beak against various surfaces and objects.

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