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24 Issey Miyake Shop at Shibuya Parco by Nendo

Japanese design studio Nendo have completed a store for fashion designer Issey Miyake where accessories are displayed atop clusters of steel rods.

Called 24 Issey Miyake, the store is located in the Shibuya Parco shopping complex in Tokyo.

The store features Miyake's new Bilbao bag and the interior and its fixtures have been designed around it.

Instead of traditional shelving a set of thin steel rods of different heights stand in the centre of the space with merchandise laid out on top.

The design is one of Nendo's 24 ISSEY MIYAKE concept shops, which all feature 7mm diameter steel rods.  Read more about these stores in our earlier story.

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Photographs are by Daici Ano.

Here's some more information from Nendo:

New 24 ISSEY MIYAKE shop at Shibuya Parco In Tokyo

Based on the concept of the Japanese convenience store, 24 ISSEY MIYAKE shops combine inexpensive prices, a large variety of colours and frequent changes in product lineup. The Miyake team wanted a new design concept for the 24 Issey Miyake shop in Shibuya's Parco shopping complex, which includes a store that specially features Miyake's new Bilbao bag.

The Bilbao bag has no set form. Instead, it settles depending on how it is placed. To match the bag, we abandoned the standard hard, flat and smooth fixtures found in most shops, and created a set of variable-height fixtures made of thin steel rods that stand like a field of prairie grass in the shop, with a similar vague, undefined shape like the bag.

Shelving and hanger rods are also made of steel rods, in the 7 mm diameter common to all of the 24 Issey Miyake shop interiors. Supported by 'points', rather than by surfaces or lines, the bags seem to waft in the air like flowers in a light breeze, creating the illusion of a field of flowers in the store.

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