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Tourbillon by A+A cooren

Tourbillon by A+A cooren

Aki and Arnaud Cooren of Paris studio A+A cooren have designed a glass vase with a vortex-shaped void in the middle.

Tourbillon by A+A cooren

Called Tourbillon, the vase is in two parts: the first is a dish to contain water and the second supports the flower stems in the vortex.

The design is produced in three sizes in a limited edition of 21 and is on show at Gallery S. Bensimon in Paris.

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Photographs are by Joao Vieira Torres.

Here's some more information from the designers:


A vase evokes the water cycle, snap shot of a subtle natural harmony.
The dynamic of the water is accentuated by the rigidity of a glass bubble that surrounds.

This vase is the result of a meeting between computer technology and a French high quality craftsmanship. Realized by a glass craftsman, Wilfried Allyn, who has implemented the necessary technique to realize the vortex.

Composed of two parts in borosilicate glass. The main part and a small cup which receives water.

Available in 3 different sizes at Gallery S. Bensimon, from 9th of June

Limited edition (21 pieces)

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