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Drawings by Clo'e Floirat

Drawings by Clo'e Floirat

In this series of drawings French designer and photographer Clo'e Floirat documents her thoughts on design in Berlin, where she's lived for three years.

Set of 5 by Cloe Floirat 2

The cartoons feature the recent DMY 2010 festival (top image, see our event category), design workshops set up by designer Jerszy Seymour and the newly-opened Berlin Weekly gallery in the city centre. Captions are provided by Floirat.

Set of 5 by Cloe Floirat

About 60 years later, it is no longer a Candy Bomber "Rosinenbomber" that dropped supplies and candys for the children during the Berlin Blockade in 1949.

Jerszy Seymour's new aerobic workshop. "Merzaerobics, taking reference from Kurt Schwitters'Merzbau and its tenet, act without planning, offers a place to question and investigate our movements in everyday life. It proposes itself as an inquiry into the first "architctural" and "design" project, the movement of our own bodies in space; and offers itself as a place to liberate our movements from daily convention and simply to enjoy movement and exercice on a summer moring in a nowhere place."

"Berlin-weekly.com is an on- and offline gallery space with a weekly update. It is an arranged window on display for 24 hours a day – in the city and on the internet. Berlin-weekly.com offers an interdisplinary playground and stage for artists and designers. The objects and installations arranged in the window are for sale. You will find details and prices on the internet."

Set of 5 by Cloe Floirat 2

The Stadtschloss was detroyed during DDR after it was damaged by Allied bombing in World War II, and so replaced by the Palast der Republik itself destroyed because of asbestos. It has been many years since the city of Berlin has been fitting to decide whether they should then rebuild the Schloss like it was or to invite a Stararchitect to propose a new Architectural piece for Berlin. Few months ago the city eventually came to an agreement and decided to rebuild the schloss, a replica. But then couple of days ago Angela Merkel said because a financial saving, that there would be no money to start the construction. The project is then postponed ... sine die !

Set of 5 by Cloe Floirat

"Since summer 2007 the museum shows a significant part of its large and rarely exhibited collection of design and everyday culture of the 20th century in an "Open Storage" presentation. On the one hand the objects are arranged in a display of exemplary objects and supply information about the polarizing program of the Deutscher Werkbund and on the other hand give basic information about function, using-history in the 20th century and contemporary product culture."

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