HAPPY VIP by Cloud-9

Here are some images of the VIP lounge located inside the Dutch Pavilion for Shanghai Expo 2010, designed by Chinese firm Cloud-9.

Called HAPPY VIP, the lounge is situated in the crown-shaped part of the pavilion and features an extravagant golden interior.

The ceiling is adorned with layers of circular suspended metal mesh and diamond-shaped pendant lights.

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Photographs are by Ingmar Swalue.

Here's a bit more information from the architects:

Shiniest VIP lounge on the World Expo by CLOUD-9 interior design 'HAPPY VIP': VIP Lounge, Dutch Pavilion 'HAPPY STREET', World Expo Shanghai 2010

The festive and outgoing character of HAPPY STREET' and the shape of the VIP building itself, resembling a huge golden crown, inspired Karin An Rijlaarsdam to design the interior of the VIP lounge like a 'happy crown'.

For HAPPY VIP she has created an extravagant and joyful environment, nearly evoking an overdose of happiness and glitter. "I was not looking for a too serious design, but rather for an overstatement of bold shapes, sweet colours, gold, porcelain, neon and diamonds." A seasoned Shanghai resident with a Dutch passport, Karin creatively re-interprets elements freely from both worlds.

For the design of 'HAPPY VIP' she has applied patterns and materials originating from European royal culture and fashion, as well as typically Chinese iconic elements. The ceiling is ornamented like a gigantic baroque dress, with rich layers made of suspended silver metal 'skirts'. The floor is finished in the Chinese imperial colour yellow, which in past times was only allowed to be used by the emperor.

The star in the center of the floor, that very Chinese symbol, is filled with crystals which wink at the contemporary Chinese love for the shiny and the sparkling. Every element in the lofty round space is designed by Karin and was hand-made in China. The harlequin pattern on the wall and thousands of silver knots are the result of hours of meticulous hand work.

Golden porcelain 'HAPPY VIP' tiles, especially developed for the VIP lounge, were inspired by the opulence of the Shanghainese jet set and numerous VIP parties and VIP rooms in Chinese restaurants and clubs. The icing on the Happy VIP cake are the diamond-shaped lights, which Karin has developed in China's porcelain city Jingdezhen.

Switched off, they appear as solid sculptures, but illuminated they transform into fragile glowing lanterns, enhancing the mesmerizing fairy-tale like experience. Karin An Rijlaarsdam is founder and director of CLOUD-9 interior design, a China based design firm. In the past five years CLOUD-9 has realized designs for restaurants & hotels in China and abroad and has developed its own interior design products.

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