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[D3] Design Talent winners 2010

Dezeentalks at [D3] Design Talents: [D3] Contest winners

DezeenTV: in this next movie in our series of Dezeentalks at [D3] Design Talents, Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs talks to the three joint winners of this year's [D3] Contest young designers competition; Julien Renault, Jessica Hansson and Rémi Bouhaniche.

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French designer Renault talks about his Hand Forged series of furniture (see our earlier story) that adapts traditional steel manufacturing techniques to aluminium, Jessica Hansson of Sweden discusses the play of light created by her Cabinet Filled With Shadows, and Rémi Bouhaniche of French design duo Usin-é explains the intention behind his stretched-fabric Entirement light (see our earlier story).

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More information about the talks here. Keep an eye out for more Dezeentalks at [D3] Design Talents interviews over the coming weeks…

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