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Analarm by Industrial Facility at Dezeen Watch Store

Analarm by Industrial Facility

The Temporium: our Dezeen Watch Store pop-up at The Temporium, a temporary department store opening in London on Thursday, will feature an exclusive UK preview of Analarm, the new Industrial Facility watch with a vibrating alarm. 

Analarm by Industrial Facility at Dezeen Watch Store

The watch is modelled on a table-top alarm clock and can be set by winding the alarm hand to the required time.

Analarm by Industrial Facility at Dezeen Watch Store

A small motor vibrates quietly when the alarm is activated, alerting the wearer without disturbing those around them.

Analarm by Industrial Facility at Dezeen Watch Store

The watches will be available through Dezeen Watch Store and the designers' own online store Retail Facility in the new year.

Analarm by Industrial Facility at Dezeen Watch Store

The Temporium runs 9-19 December at 221 Brompton Road, London SW3 2EJ. Click here for full details plus a list of participating designers and brands.

Analarm by Industrial Facility at Dezeen Watch Store

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The information below is from Industrial Facility:

Analarm Vibration Alert Watch

Analarm is a discreet and effective analog alert watch with its interface modelled on the iconic alarm clock. When the alert is activated, a small motor creates a vibration on the wrist, similar to mobile phone vibrations, instead of sound. Its intelligence is in how simple it is to use. Unlike other alarm watches that are set through through many layers, Analarm’s interface is simple and straightforward. The alarm is set simply by moving the alarm hand to the desired time and lifting the alert button.

The vibration is a subtle pulsation with no audible sound. It is enough to wake up someone without affecting their partner; for daily alerts; and for daily reminders.

Every detail, from the interface to the size and material has been considered, resulting in fresh clarity for such a product.

Size 36 x 36 x 15mm

Vibration alarm with Hour, Minute and Second hands.
Stainless steel case and buttons with ionised plating, Japanese movement, mineral glass, Calf leather band.
Available in a black case with either clear glass and black dial; or green glass with white dial. The battery is replaceable and serviceable.

About Industrial Facility and IDEA Japan

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin founded Industrial Facility in 2002. The practice designs pleasingly simplified products with appropriate functionality. Following the successful re-interpretation of the travel clock Jetlag (2008), and stand-alone alarm clock Bell (2009), Industrial Facility examines the world of the alarm watch - a product that receives little design consideration and is somehow unfulfilling.

About Retail Facility

Truly international, consistently intelligent and influential, Retail Facility is a webshop that has become an important destination to view and purchase products designed by Industrial Facility that were previously only available in local markets. It has attracted a global audience who desire straightforward articles for everyday life, designed with the pleasure of use in mind.

The Analarm alert watch is the most recent of these projects and will be available from Retail Facility and the Dezeen Watch Store.

Designed by Industrial Facility
Produced by IDEA Japan

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