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The Pond by Raw Edges

The Pond by Raw Edges

London designers Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay of Raw Edges created an animated pond at the Bloomberg offices in London using equipment the company had thrown away.

The Pond by Raw Edges

Called The Pond, the installation featured an animation by Oscar Narud spanning 60 discarded computer monitors, showing fish, dragon flies and ducks darting between the screens.

The Pond by Raw Edges

40 wooden pallets were used to make seating around the pond, where workers can gather during breaks.

The Pond by Raw Edges

The installation was initiated by Arts Co as part of their Waste Not Want Not project commissioned by Bloomberg Philanthropy.

The Pond by Raw Edges

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The Pond by Raw Edges

Here are some more details from the designers:

The Pond
Yael Mer & Shay Alkalay

“The Pond’ is a seating environment constructed from 40 discarded wooden pallets encircling a recessed pond made from 60 redundant Bloomberg computer monitors. These are arranged to look as though they have been thrown into it landing untidily on top of each other. Across the linked screens runs an animation created especially by designer Norwegian designer Oscar Narud. Within the animation are several repeating cycles of activity – a duck paddles after a dragonfly, a small fish darts in and out among stones, a butterfly flits across the water and a frog leaps over lily pads and into the water.

The work is purposefully raw in construction, mimicking a natural outdoor landscape and drawing attention to the materiality of the waste used. The irony of this bucolic pond scene is that over 99 tonnes of domestic and industrial waste goes into landfill in the UK annually fundamentally impacting on the composition of this natural world.

About The Designers

Israeli-born Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay set up their London-based design studio Raw Edges after graduating from London’s Royal College of Art.

Their work is playful and imaginative yet functional and desirable and tries to continually challenge the basic premises of why a designed object has to be the way it is and how it functions.

Since their graduation show at the Royal College of Art in 2006, Raw Edges have received several highly respected awards including The British Council Talented Award, iF Gold Award, Dutch Design Award, Wallpaper* Design Award 2009 and the Elle Decoration International Design Award for best furniture of 2008_09 and just recently the Designer of the Future Award for 2009 from Design Miami/ Basel.

About Arts Co

Arts Co has been variously described as a ‘platform for talent’ and a ‘unique provider of solutions across the arts.’ Founded by Isabella Macpherson and Sigrid Wilkinson in 2007 Arts Co has its own curating programme, and connects individuals and companies with artists, designers and architects.

‘Waste Not Want Not’ is the latest in a series of specially commissioned art and design projects that bring the best of emerging international talent into the heart of Bloomberg’s London office.

Commissioned by Bloomberg Philanthropy ‘Waste Not Want It’ provides a platform for some of the UK’s most dynamic artists and designers through the commission of unique furniture and art installations made almost entirely out of Bloomberg’s own waste. From cable flex to cardboard boxes, keyboards to computer mice, the waste materials traditionally stored in Bloomberg’s off site warehouses have been startlingly reinvented into technically innovative and environmentally responsible chairs, tables and interactive art works to excite and stimulate the employees and visitors who interact with them from the moment they enter the building.

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