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KHV60 by David Taylor

KHV60 by David Taylor

Designer David Taylor of Stockholm has created a series of candle holders made from layers of silver, steel and beech for Stockholm craft collective Konsthantverkarna.

KHV60 by David Taylor

Called KHV60, the collection is handmade in an edition of 60 unique, numbered and hallmarked pieces.

KHV60 by David Taylor

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KHV60 by David Taylor

Here are some more details from the designer:

David will be presenting 60 new candlesticks at Konsthantverkarna this spring. Made from silver, steel and beech wood, these pieces represent an unparalleled level of mass production in his output. ”My work revolves around unique and short series editions of very restricted numbers the KHV60 Edition is the first time I have made more than 10 of anything”

The KHV60 Edition draws it’s form and choice of materials from two conflicting needs, that of economy and the need to be made by hand. The result is an elegant wooden candlestick with silver details; which create a soothing layered effect that is the visual hook into the work. No two pieces are the same and each piece is fully numbered and hallmarked.

Scandinavia’s oldest and largest crafts collective KONSTHANTVERKARNA celebrates 60 years of operation this year. Founded in 1951 Konsthantverkarnas members, past and present, are a who’s who of contemporary Swedish Crafts and whose work has had a massive influence on the development of what today is recognized as Scandinavian design.

David Taylor has been an active member of Konsthantverkarna since 2009.

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