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Dezeen curates audio at JamScape in Milan

Audio tracks and soundscapes submitted by Dezeen readers will play this week at JamScape, an experimental audio installation in Milan developed by Jawbone and Yves Béhar of fuseproject.


Following our call for audio submissions last month, almost 100 tracks were uploaded to Dezeen's SoundCloud account, from which Dezeen, Jawbone and Yves Béhar selected their favourites.


The tracks have been programmed to be played through five monolithic forms constructed from 1,642 of Jawbone's Jambox wireless speakers (above) in the installation, located in the Ventura Lambrate district of Milan.

Dezeen curates audio at JamScape in Milan

Jawbone are also launch sponsors of Dezeen Screen, our new video website, which launches in Milan later today. The Dezeen movie team will be based in a studio within JamScape so pop by and see us! We're at Pianissimo Grande, Via Ventura in Ventura Lambrate. Download the Ventura Lambrate map and guide here - we're at no 5.

The 20 tracks selected to be played at JamScape are as follows; each artist will receive a free Jambox and their tracks will also be used as soundtracks to Dezeen Screen's movies from Milan:

Outside Time by Agzilla (UK)
Knee For Thought by Antonie Manolova & Francesco Tristano (BULGARIA)
Bears by Brandon Hackler (USA)
Jets by Chris Teeter (USA)
fåglar bilar och dansande piano - BUTTERFLY MIX by en doft av cyrén  (SWEDEN)
Midnight_JAM by Ian Gulbransen  (USA)
Want to Want by Joanna Geralyn (USA)
Kin by Kasule (UK)
TWENTY 10  by Kid Suda (SPAIN)
Oregon by Louis Jones (UK)
Experimento Tropical by Miguel Colmenare  (SPAIN)
Traces by MTTMGG (ITALY)
Dubofeeliac  by Nat King Kong (CANADA)
Dance of Lucifer by Navid Asghari (UK)
Fragility by Ricardo Seola (BRAZIL)
DubStepping by The Dead Sun (UK)
Horses Head Towards Sunrise by Theeyefives (USA)
Hello Death by U9lift (USA)
Hotaru Zeus & Apollo (USA)
I Can Feel by Zumba - diseño de sonido (PERU)

Here's some text about the project from Jawbone:

Set within the emerging Ventura Lambrate design district in Milan, Italy, JamScape is a bold audio experiment that captures the idea of liberating and unleashing sound. Developed in partnership between Jawbone, Yves Béhar, and his creative agency fuseproject, JamScape uses Jawbone's new JAMBOX wireless speaker and its punchy audio as building blocks to create a uniquely social experience in the form of a sound lounge.

The installation fosters creative partnerships with a cadre of audio artists and enables them to express their ideas of music, improvisation, jamming, and social sound. All soundscapes were crowd-sourced via an open call posted on media partner Dezeen, Twitter, and blogs worldwide to phenomenal response.