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Issey Miyake appoint new designer for women's collection

Dezeen Wire:
fashion brand Issey Miyake have appointed Yoshiyuki Miyamae as designer of their womenswear collection, following the departure of creative director Dai Fujiwara in February (see our earlier Dezeen Wire).

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Here are some more details from Masakatsu Nagatani, president of Issey Miyake Inc:

I am very pleased to inform you that we have appointed Yoshiyuki Miyamae as our new designer for the ISSEY MIYAKE women's collection commencing with immediate effect for the SPRING SUMMER 2012 Collection.

Miyamae joined Miyake Design Studio in 2001, as part of the team working on the A-POC Project that Issey Miyake had been developing with Dai Fujiwara. This background gave Miyamae a thorough grounding in the concepts at the roots of clothing design and manufacturing. Since 2006, he has been a member of ISSEY MIYAKE design team under Dai Fujiwara. As he now takes up the baton from Fujiwara, Miyamae will pursue the creation of clothing that meets the needs of the new era and the new generation, while all the time focusing on the further development of the brand. In collaboration with the design, technical and production teams at ISSEY MIYAKE, Miyamae will unveil his first collection in Paris in October 2011.

With regard to our men's brand, I am pleased to announce that we are changing the brand name to ISSEY MIYAKE MEN from the SPRING SUMMER 2012 season. A team combining both young talents and experienced designers and technicians will work together in each section from design and manufacturing to sales. In this endeavor, the entire staff is currently proceeding with final preparations for the presentation at the Paris Men's Collections to be held in June 2011.

We would greatly appreciate your continued support of ISSEY MIYAKE and ISSEY MIYAKE MEN under our new system and we look forward to working with you in future.


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